Case Studies:

Mystery Mind IT & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. has provided Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering services to several companies across the globe for over a decade.
Our team of qualified and experienced engineers is proficient in providing services such as engineering transcription, technical drawings and more.
Read these case studies to find out how our customers benefited from lower costs, increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

1. Technical Drafting & Drawing Services For An Architectural Firm in Canada
A leading architectural firm needed a reliable partner to produce high quality drafting and drawing work, with the ability to handle sudden spikes in work load. O2Iís drafting specialists were geared up and ready to provide consistently-flawless work. The client was delighted with our professionalism and quality, and has signed up for a long-term engagement with O2I. Read the case study.

2. Technical Engineering Transcription Services for Leading Engineering Company in U.S.
A leading engineering company in the U.S. was looking for accurate engineering transcription services. We provided the same within a quick turnaround time. The customerís internal quality audit team found our service to be error-free and of high quality. Read the case study.

3. Technical Drawings for a Home Theater Contractor Provided
A leading home theater contractor in the U.S. wanted technical architectural drawings for placing home theaters in rooms. We provided the required drawings based on the sketches sent by the customer. This project helped us bag another one from the customer, work on which is underway. Read the case study.

4. Customized Retail Design Solutions Provided
A leading store management company benefited from our retail design and drafting services. We offered customized space planning designs, interior designs and store refurbishing drawings. We have successfully completed over 275 retail design projects till date. Read the case study.